Artistic Director - Jean Louis Bleau


Jean-Louis Bleau

2008 - 2015

Artistic Director
Jean-Louis Bleau

Jean-Louis Bleau has been very involved in the Calgary and area arts scene for a number of years - organizing numerous concerts and music festivals while maintaining a successful career as a choral conductor. He is a very active conductor who, in addition to directing the Calgary Men's Chorus, also directs Cum Vino Cantus, the Mount Royal University Youth Choir, and the choir at Calgary's St. Gerard's Parish. He has also directed, The Calgary Renaissance Singers and Players, and is in demand as a choral clinician. His passion for music, especially choral music, is evident through his unique and expressive conducting style and his enthusiastic approach to rehearsals. He is known for asking his choirs to engage difficult music, always seeking to push the members past their perceived limitations in order to produce music which - while challenging - is ultimately very rewarding.

As a concert producer, Jean-Louis has organized a number of different music events, many of which seek to explore alternative approaches to music. These have included performances around a lake in the heart of Kananaskis, within the concrete jungle of a parkade, and even in a swimming pool – complete with choreography by synchronized swimmers. In 2005, while completing his Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of Calgary, Jean-Louis was presented with the Faculty of Fine Arts' Creative Achievement Award. This award was in recognition for the work he did to organize and produce a week-long conference and music festival based on the music of John Cage. In 2010 Jean-Louis completed his Master of Music in Choral Conducting at the University of Calgary

While he spends most of his time on stage directing, Jean-Louis can also be heard performing as a counter-tenor and sound poet.  His involvement in the 2007 production of R. Murray Schafer's Princess of the Stars is one of the many highlights of his career as a performer. His wide vocal range and unique vocal abilities are definitely assets to his choral conducting career.

Jean-Louis is also an exceptionally strong advocate for the music of Canadian composers, and seeks to provide opportunities for emerging composers in his role as Artistic Director of the above choruses.

When not engrossed in music, Jean-Louis can be found with his partner on their farm northwest of Calgary where they raise cashmere goats. In his spare time Jean-Louis engages in recreational dog sledding with his team of beautiful white Samoyeds.


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