Singing With Margaret Cho



The Cho Dependent Tour (Calgary: October 1, 2010)

Margaret's people contacted us only three days before her Calgary appearance date. This, combined with the fact that many of our singers already had tickets to the show, meant that only 10 of us were available to be a part of her show.

The sound check and rehearsal started at 5:00 pm. Margaret was friendly, genuine and quite the seasoned professional. Even though our small piece of the show was very short and very simple, the sound check and rehearsal still took almost 40 minutes.

We were able to watch most of the show from the first balcony and we made our way back stage a few minutes before our appearance with Margaret during the last song of her show. It was fun and it was all over so fast! Our Cho experience ended with group and individual photos back stage.

Thank you Margaret!

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