Top 10 Reasons to Sing with Us


10. Learn to sing / improve your singing.

We are a non-audition chorus and you don’t need any prior singing experience. Our Artistic Director provides instruction at every rehearsal, we have a Vocal Coach who works with us and we usually have two weekend vocal workshops each year (usually in Banff).

9. Perform on stage.

Singing on stage to entertain other people is exhilarating! And if you’re really into expressing yourself, we occasionally need guys to do solo performances (completely optional, of course!).

8. We have fun social events.

We sing together and we hang out together too. Some of our social events include potlucks, house parties, barbeques, etc.

7. Singing is awesome therapy.

Singing is extremely therapeutic! It’s a great way to lower stress, increase self-confidence and improve a person’s mood.

6. This is a great place to belong.

Being part of a group like this – a group with such a positive common purpose – is a very meaningful and powerful experience.

5. We have a wonderful Accompanist.

Jim Picken is a true joy and his incredible talent on the piano not only helps us learn our music, it also brings top-notch class to our performances.

4. We have an amazing Artistic Director.

British wit combine with dedication, motivation and talent into an amazing Artistic Director, Malcolm Edwards.

3. Connect with others and make new friends.

This is a great group of guys of all ages and diverse backgrounds. You’ll meet genuine people and get to experience a genuine sense of community.

2. You will laugh... you will laugh A LOT!

We work hard at our rehearsals, but that certainly doesn’t stop us from sharing lots of laughs while we’re learning our songs.

1. Singing is wonderful way to feed your soul.

If you sing with us, you’ll undeniably add more fun and more joy to your life!


Come sing with us!

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